BMC Merchandise

Bryn Mawr College Merchandise

The Lantern is delighted to offer a sample of popular items from the College Bookstore. The following items are available for purchase at the shop:

  Drink plen-tea with this 16 oz. matte finish ceramic mug featuring an etched white Bryn Mawr lantern. Available in class colors. $16.00
Wat-er you doing to stay hydrated without this 32 oz. polycarbonate Aleutian water bottle? Featuring white ‘Bryn Mawr College’ and lantern logos. Available in class colors. $12.00  
You’ll be ecstatic when you see how great this 5” lantern decal looks on your car! It’s made from premium free-standing vinyl, printed with resin foils, and built to last. $4.00  
  Light up your car or fridge with this 5” lantern magnet. $4.00
This decal is the perfect accessory to go along with your Mawr spirit. It is to be applied to the outside of a window (or any smooth glass, metal, or plastic surface) and is printed with resin foils instead of inks for maximum longevity. Featuring ‘Bryn Mawr College.’ 2” x 15.5”. $5.00
  This durable decal is applied to the inside of your window and is made with UV cured ink to resist fading. Featuring ‘Bryn Mawr College’ logo. 3.5” x 6.5”. $4.00